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David's Focus

“The relationships I have with my clients define who I am.  And despite all the new available financial technology, this will never change.  I have 25-plus-year relationships with some of my clients.  These relationships speak volumes.”

My DNA is a good fit for the fixed income side of portfolios.  I’ve always had an aversion to loss and found comfort in the precise predictability of bonds.  This isn't to say you can't lose money on bonds, because you certainly can.  However, the longer I’ve been in the business, I have developed long-term strategies to mitigate risk to these potential pitfalls.  

I also tend to navigate the behavioral side of investing and focus on cognitive biases that can often hinder investors from making sound financial decisions, especially during market volatility.  Because of this, Mike actually came up with one of his favorite nicknames for me:  “Skinny Buddha.”

When investing in bonds, it is important to note that as interest rates rise, bond prices will fall.
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Cyber Stocks

Mike's Focus

Similar to David, I also have an aversion to taking on inappropriate portfolio risk.  Because of this, I have developed a long-term stock investment process to mitigate portfolio risk over the long term.

I take a holistic approach to the markets and construct investment plans highly customized to my clients’ needs, risk tolerance, time horizon, and spending behavior.  This investment model is structured, yet flexible, and can be adjusted as the markets and life changes occur.
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Put simply, Stifel is a growing company. Since our founding in 1890, Stifel has grown to become one of the nation's largest wealth management firms, ranking No. 7 in terms of number of financial advisors.

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