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Our Clients

We primarily work with high-net-worth individuals and business owners.  Our team is a group of financial advisors who listen to their clients’ needs and provide highly personalized long-term investment strategies.

Here’s how our process typically works:

  • Establish and define the relationship
  • Gather client information and goals
  • Evaluate the client’s current financial status
  • Review overall financial goal projections
  • Develop and present recommendations and/or alternatives
  • Implement the agreed upon recommendations
  • Review portfolio via quarterly phone conversations (as appropriate)

To employ this process effectively, we take an old-school approach complemented with new technology, which includes:

  • A complete understanding of our client and their portfolio using the Stifel Wealth Strategist Report® combined with cutting-edge client reporting software
  • Trustworthy custodianship of clients’ hard-earned savings
  • Professional asset management
  • High-quality service
Asset Allocation Comparison Chart

Our Yin and Yang Philosophy

yin and yang symbol

Like the yin and yang symbol, a portfolio has a similar graphic, as it’s some blend of fixed income, equity, and cash (traditionally).  Blending a portfolio is no different than finding the right blend that reflects your life’s balance.
“Skate to where the puck  is going to be, not to where  it has been.”  – Wayne Gretzky

Our Active Asset Allocation Approach

Our approach addresses what’s right in front of us, while also having a steady eye to the future:
  • Define our client’s long-term income needs and investment goals. 
  • Establish a long-term target asset allocation.
  • Identify fairly priced investments with a history of producing steady returns.
  • Recommend clients stay with those investments as long as those characteristics remain in place.  If those characteristics start to fade, recommend reducing that position.
  • Look for new investments with positive characteristics.
  • If no new investments can be found at a certain time, recommend waiting to secure short-term securities until new positive characteristic investments emerge.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.